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Life's journey is busy enough without adding even more clutter to your home environment so if you and your family are looking for a way to reconnect with what's truly important then consider how Boulder Express can create that true sense and place of a natural landscape.


Exactly what is natural landscaping?


It's the rejection of modular concrete blocks, "plants in a row" and even the all too predictable seas of crushed rock or wood mulch that ring the home which when all assembled together portray a cold commercial feeling that also tightens up your sight lines thereby making your yard look smaller and uninviting.


We at Boulder Express are truly boulder craftsman and have over 25 years of recreating what nature does best. Our approach will fit appropriately scaled natural boulders within bluff like outcroppings where soil needs to be retained. Large flat stepping stones are far more enjoyable to traverse on the way to your new campfire ring surrounded by smooth, flat Sitting Rocks. Perhaps you and your family would enjoy seeing and hearing the newly discovered wildlife that would be drawn to the sound of clean water cascading over a waterfall. Maybe your goal is to create a total home makeover without touching the house itself. We have just the approach in creating a fresh look that portrays texture, interest and curb appeal throughout all of Minnesota's four seasons.


What's the next step?


Start by viewing through all of the natural landscape features that are a true specialty of Boulder Express' as we are the only Twin Cities landscape contractor that has the years of experience, specialized non-intrusive equipment, exclusive quarry connections and most importantly the passion to create a new landscape setting that will soon become the favorite gathering location for you, your family and friends. Plus the best is yet to come as our approach to landscaping is virtually maintenance free.

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