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Every successful project starts out by having all of the right components ready to go before the actual construction process starts. This is so true for any one that is embarking on a boulder retaining wall, stepping stone walk ways or any other type of boulderscape project.

At the heart of every truly breathtaking boulderscape is the “fit and finish” of how the end product looks. To successfully accomplish that goal it is absolutely imperative to have boulders that fit together like pieces of a jig saw puzzle. This is key as rocks that incorporate pronounced points or unruly protruding angles will instantly set your project up for failure. Alternatively if you are working your project from a stockpile of boulders that is hand sorted by a seasoned bouldercraftsmen that knows exactly what you want the results are nothing less than phenomenal.

So the next time you need the perfect load of retaining wall boulders, stepping stones, sitting rocks or even certain color tones all carefully custom sorted to your exact specifications there is really only one boulder supply company in the Twin Cities that has the right equipment and right delivery times to meet your expectations…Boulder Express.

Trap Rock    (click to enlarge)

Limestone    (click to enlarge)

Mesabi Iron Range Boulders    (click to enlarge)

Pink/Purple Quartz   (click to enlarge)

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